Malpaso's Timber of Los Suenos x Alpine River Blueberry

B BH agility A1J1, A2J2, A3J3, agility ASCA GS-N, JS-E, RS-O

5,5 mesecev


13 mesecev
22 mesecev



Lisa is out of my M-litter, Berry's ( Alpine River Blueberry ) daughter and Ruby's granddaughter. Lisa chose me and showed she wanted to stay with us from the day she opened her eyes. I never regreted this decision
Lisa is my shadow and she has a born recall and attention. She's reserved to some strangers, not all and she doesn't like people thrust on her, she likes to choose her "friends" and they have her in their lap She is good with kids who do not shout and romp, likes to play.
Lisa is exeptionally tolerant to animals but also authoritative if neccessary. She kindly becomes a leader when playing but she gives up when necessary. She had a contact with sheep at 8 months and she proved as a calm worker with excellent herding instinct. She shows selfconfidence to other dogs but would indulge and draw back.
She was a very laid back puppy but is becoming more and more selfconfident working different tasks yet still very guidable. In new situations she performs enough caution and courage, she never runs her head against a brick wall and always thinks how to do a task.
Lisa is never tired for work, sport or play. She has that great "will to please" and does the tasks with big enthusiasm.
Lisa is very athletic and fast for work where that's necessary. And she's very biddable, she works for me, for my praise. She "asks" what to do or what she might do establishing eye contact and waiting for "answer". Lisa is very intelligent and together with her obedience she never repeats mistakes. What she's tought she never forgets.
Lisa is a silent worker and she has a great working ethics.
She would protect her theritory but would stop when told to stop. She would never jump on a intruder but would bark to drive one off.
As most aussies Lisa is "soft" - she would never accept any psychical or physical restraint.
She likes to play with balls, adores frisbee and is agility lover where she's very motivated, quick and precise. She's become good retriver with practicing and she likes it. She adores water, specially running water where she likes to swim with stream or catching water toys. Most of all she likes to hang around the house , watching and helping me. She would be happy working sheep.
She's an aussie who would also work with a person who she respects, not exclusively with me
Structurally Lisa is a nice girl - she has a nice feminin head with little stop,, enough high ear set, excellent top line, good angulation, nice neck and perfect side moving.. Lisa is moderate - everything is moderate - coat, bones, height and weight. Lisa's coat is brilliant, shining colors.
Lisa is for her caracter a new addition in our pack - very different from Ruby or Chip or Missy - yet a typical aussie in some other way.
She's a pleasure to be around and working with her is a big challenge for me.
Lisa is mom of our P and T litter.